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Cosmic Sister´s Hall

Golden Aura
Golden Aura commented on a photo on Inactive user's wall.

love that mailbox! i want one.

1 day ago
uknew guyy

uknew guyy  ›  Cosmic Sister

Simply the best.

Beauty In The Sky

Beauty In The Sky  ›  Cosmic Sister

Cosmic -

Just wanted to say thank you for your great reading yesterday.

You may not even recall what you said but it made a tangible difference in my life right away. I have had more expansion and a better experience overall today directly due to even a short reading I had with you.

So, thank you for sharing your gifts and showing up! Wishing you continued success, growth, expansion and prosperity.

Lots of love! - BeautyInTheSky

Cosmic Sister

Cosmic Sister added to her contacts.

Sistar Shari Spirit Renad Trian. Mariah Bogan My new Life ~BURGUNDY :: VIOLET~ Chrissy Newme
23 hours ago

Maushmi1985  ›  Cosmic Sister

She's absolutely excellent and perfect! I love her. So detailed and accurate without me telling her much.. This is an amazing gifted person

Thank you and god bless you.

gabriella angel

gabriella angel  ›  Cosmic Sister

Thank you soo much for lovely reading :)

Lelde Ozola Bumane

Lelde Ozola Bumane  ›  Cosmic Sister

Cosmic sister,
I was the lucky winner of your demo and I must say I really enjoyed it.
All the things you mentioned about my partner and about my job/career were spot on.
I wil defintely take your advice and hopefully I will get a job that really suits me.

Thank you again!
Have a blessed day,

2 months ago Cool  
Jennifer Stegall

Jennifer Stegall  ›  Cosmic Sister

I just want to say you are incredible thank you. your advice is awesome!

2 months ago Cool  
yummy cake

yummy cake  ›  Cosmic Sister

cosmic sister I was truly impressed with the way you connected so quickly and accurately. you answered my question and went a little further and described our desires and our current situation. thank you so much for your demo. i also loved the way you did answer many of the other peoples questions. It was a pleasure.

3 months ago Cool  
leo nellie

leo nellie  ›  Cosmic Sister

Thank you so much for helping me equipt myself with helpful tools for a smoother flowing life. Thank you so much.

3 months ago Cool  
Sky 103
Sky 103
Wow - what a comment! Thanks for sharing this. :)
1 month ago   Cool

Trish710  ›  Cosmic Sister

Cosmic Sister has been wonderful! I have been having some doubts regarding an individual and she picked up many details about that without even I told her. Thank you for showing me what it is! I feel better!

leo nellie

leo nellie  ›  Cosmic Sister

loved my palm reading. Thank you so much. Hope to chat with you soon.

9 months ago Cool  

Grandeur40  ›  Cosmic Sister

Absolutely wonderful person. Will be back as soon as I can!!!

9 months ago Cool  
Thank you for so much clarity and direction.
9 months ago   Cool
maysoon tamimi
maysoon tamimi
hello dear
6 months ago   Cool


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