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Lanell Pasvantis

Lanell Pasvantis  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Thanks for the post today. I shall keep it with me as I go through my day. Thanks again. Have a good day.;-)

Hope Marie

Hope Marie  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Thank you for the inspirational blessed!



Hello Friends

As you live your present moments, remember that there are no wrong roads to anywhere. There are no accidents. As we go along, there are course corrections that we can make if we choose to reroute ourselves. Every experience we have in life is there to teach us something. I have a desire to step back and allow life to guide me. I know that there have been forces, or powers, or some kind of energy that has been impacting my entire life. What seems like coincidence is truly the tapestry of our life weaved together by the many choices we make.

Trust in what your spirit has to say. Take the time to listen. Your dreams and all that you imagine is your spirit guiding you to your higher purpose. Be fearless with those thoughts and ideas. Let success choose you, and it surely will. When you let go in order to hear the call for the question, ‘How may I serve?,’ life aligns itself to help you maintain your true nature of happiness. Happiness is the energy force that creates all things. To think negatively is draining and weakens both mind and body.

Take the time today, and always, to appreciate this gift of life that we have all been given. Remember and share love with your friends and family. Forgive those souls that do not share in your path and challenge your spirit. Thank them for teaching you that you, yourself, can work to improve yourself still further in order to reach a higher self. Remember that child within and embrace him or her. Admire yourself for your life’s journey and how you grow each day to fulfill your life’s dharma.


Something You want to share?

23 hours ago Cool  
Anj Sch
Anj Sch
...You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
Friedrich Nietzsche
14 hours ago   Cool
David Murch

David Murch  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

what happened before, you left?


PSYCHIC WAYNE added to his contacts.

Lila Fowler tammy willison Bonnie M.S Annia leiva Cabrera-Paz Maria Ki Thor TheCharmer
15 hours ago
Cat Girl


Thanks for the demo reading, Wayne. God bless.

Missy Whitney

Missy Whitney  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Thank you my brother for accuracy and I am in hope that all will be aligned and healed very soon! Please do not keep away bc you are one of mine. I have a strong connection to you and have known it consciously from four years ago when I met you on here. I will recommend you to others, Love Missy

Laura french

Laura french  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Bummer you went to private just b4 Demo. I really wanted to see how you worked.


nickymcp1983  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Hope u are doing well

Anj Sch


Finished your book "I'm not mad..."
and want to give you a hug...thank you

Lanell Pasvantis

Lanell Pasvantis  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

good day- hope you had the same

David Murch

David Murch  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

I think if she was in danger, you would let me know

Lanell Pasvantis

Lanell Pasvantis  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

Hope you are doing well, I have been super busy, and happy which is super helpful. Feeling your healing daily. Thanks

David Murch

David Murch  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

morning Wayne, have a great day

Inactive user
Stephanie Garcia commented on a photo on PSYCHIC WAYNE's wall.

i have to share this one, :p

1 week ago
Inactive user
Lanell Pasvantis commented on a photo on PSYCHIC WAYNE's wall.

LOVE this

1 week ago

Shweety81  ›  PSYCHIC WAYNE

will you be on a little longer tonight?


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