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Sugarbare´s Hall


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Quail Neo

Quail Neo  ›  Sugarbare

Hi Sugarbare returned to find you offline... hopefully you will return again. Koel

kw 365

kw 365  ›  Sugarbare

ARE you on tinight

Betty B

Betty B  ›  Sugarbare

Just hello for now. Have filed a Demand for Payment on neighbors with abusive child and the electrician. Getting ready to file on contruction man. The last one overcharged me enormous too.... what is it with these guys? this one charged me for my BFF's son doing work while he was here! guess I could do a Demand for Payment for contractor's mentally handicapped SIL's babysitting & snacks while he was around here or turn him into SSD for not reporting income which would get him into trouble big time.
The tornado caused real damage here - took off roof plus. Allstate trying to cheat so being forced to sue there too. Geeze, I feel like a bad guy but ... being fair isn't something people seem to do anymore.

Quail Neo

Quail Neo  ›  Sugarbare

Hey Sugarbare wanted a reading with you... didn't want to just press the consult button in case your busy!!

Courtney Courtney

Courtney Courtney  ›  Sugarbare

Hey Sugar, it is October and you said Matt would be home in October....but it appears he is stronger with Laurel now, so I guess it won't come to pass....

2 weeks ago Comment Cool  

dcoventry  ›  Sugarbare

hey trying to get back in private with you.

Clayton Nottelling

Clayton Nottelling  ›  Sugarbare

no credits. sorry

Felicity Weiand

Felicity Weiand  ›  Sugarbare

Thank you for my email reading. I found it extremely encouraging and made me feel the tears I had cried over my man were wasted and that patience is the name of the game

Adriane 1032

Adriane 1032  ›  Sugarbare

hey would love to chat let me know if you can come on today

kim zofsak

kim zofsak  ›  Sugarbare

I am looking to find out if I will be with an individual that I feel inside my heart and soul that is my soul mate. We have never met but I truly feel that we belong with each other. Something that just tells me inside. He is a car driver and I have followed him faithfully for 14 years. I don't know how to reach out to him. Can you help.

Anise Collins

Anise Collins  ›  Sugarbare

Something is wrong and went wrong. Prediction came out the exact opposite. I had a lot of issues and more to fear than we thought. I need to get credits to talk with you again. I don't know where all of this went so bad for me :(

1 month ago Comment Cool  
June Nilsson

June Nilsson  ›  Sugarbare

About my love life

Sugarbare commented on a post on own wall.
2 months ago


OMG I got into my page that never happens! I finally figured it out everyone !!

2 months ago Comment Cool  
Spiritdancer Donaldson

Spiritdancer Donaldson uploaded a photo to Sugarbare's wall.




ravenbird959  ›  Sugarbare

SugarBare was so kind and connected with me very well! I am so grateful for her insight and guidance into my situation and wishing Sugar the best :) Definitely want to come back for a full reading as soon as I can!

Glad I could help Raven
2 months ago   Cool
 Characters Left
Michelle Ramirez

Michelle Ramirez  ›  Sugarbare

Happy Birthday to your son and thank you for the reading. He did text me and tell me that I am a very special woman and he thinks about me very, very, often is how he put it. He says there is no one new in his life but he did want to stop in and I decided I was not going to settle for him popping in and out of my life.


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