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Sugarbare´s Hall


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Khandis Kane

Khandis Kane  ›  Sugarbare

Sorry, I got disconnected I will try to catch you online again and pick it up where we left off. Thank you for the great advice! It was amazingly helpful!

cutie pattootie

cutie pattootie  ›  Sugarbare

Hi Sugarbabe,

I just sent $3 bucks for fund raiser 3 questionnaire.


nina320  ›  Sugarbare

Hi Surbare, thank you for the answers to my questions, and glad I was able to help kids at the same time :)

4 weeks ago Comment Cool  
larasila larasila

larasila larasila  ›  Sugarbare

Thank you so much for your reading honesty and helping me issues!!


NoTrust23  ›  Sugarbare

Hey love I sent $1 to your fundraiser. Let me know when I can get that question :)) It's about my future with my boyfriend and I. Thanks so much and I wish could be a better help.

Stephanie Flores

Stephanie Flores  ›  Sugarbare

I sent $2.00 to your fundraiser. :) enjoy your dinner

1 month ago Cool  
Stephanie Flores
Stephanie Flores
its getting late love here in TN I will talk with you later.
1 month ago   Cool
 Characters Left
Adriane 1032

Adriane 1032  ›  Sugarbare

i clicked on your private page you signed off on me i clicked on your public page you signed off on me ... dont know what happened ... ok goodnight

Adriane 1032

Adriane 1032  ›  Sugarbare

oh i just tried to add but you singed off let me know when youre back on thank you


AmandaGailxo  ›  Sugarbare

I just had my first reading with sugarbare. i used my phone app so i couldn't leave a review. She is very insightful and helped me with all my questions! She confirmed what i was feeling about my situation and gave me the confidence to move forward with my decision. I felt she was giving me a truthful and accurate reading! Well worth the price!! I will definatly come back for future questions and readings and would recommend to family and friends! 10 stars! Thank you so much for my reading tonight!

Sunshine MH

Sunshine MH  ›  Sugarbare

amazing woman!! very inspiring! will have my first private reading on payday :)

Adiee S

Adiee S  ›  Sugarbare

Hello sugarbare things finally worked out just like you said isn't that amazing?! lol Thanks again a lot for your help :)) And the convo in your chat from last time really inspired me for my essays ;p so we shall see I have high expectations from it hahah


Lynda22  ›  Sugarbare

thanks so much Sugarbare.. sorry I couldn't add any more credits


starlite49  ›  Sugarbare

Thank you very much, you are amazing. x


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