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LEOMOON patricia´s Hall


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salena grace

salena grace  ›  LEOMOON patricia

thank you for the demo! your are amazing! love n hugs

julie warner

julie warner  ›  LEOMOON patricia

hi im Julie,can you help me I have gifts I don't understand how to use yet,i have dreams,signs everywhere I go that im not alone and im receiving help,want a family all my life,meet a new man,love him ,is tom the husband for me to marry,and start a family,we have 4 children all together us two,want to go into a business together,not sure what kind ,I have so much creativity and imagination in me I don't no what will make us happy doing together


olivia07  ›  LEOMOON patricia

thank you for our reading yesterday...


annelove  ›  LEOMOON patricia

thanks for the demo, it was encouraging:)

LEOMOON patricia

LEOMOON patricia added to her contacts.

RockPsychic DR LOGIC GalacticWizard BridgetteVee The Psychic Ora Annil LovePsychic Psychic Patrick
2 months ago
Joseph M

Joseph M uploaded a photo to LEOMOON patricia's wall.


uhm. I apologize. I -moa.sei.

Basil Chesney

Basil Chesney  ›  LEOMOON patricia

i am libran born ob 06/10/1964 and applied for a job sunday is my interview what is the outcome

ernesthenry vogtII

ernesthenry vogtII  ›  LEOMOON patricia

shes awesome....give her a try.....I recommend a complete reading...youll be glad you did

4 months ago Cool  
ernesthenry vogtII
ernesthenry vogtII
I mean it
2 months ago   Cool
 Characters Left
shumonaa khan

shumonaa khan  ›  LEOMOON patricia

u r soo well mannered and friendly girl and i really like that :)

shumonaa khan

shumonaa khan  ›  LEOMOON patricia

thank you dear for adding me :)

Diane Clow

Diane Clow  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Thank you... that was very lovely of you.

Orchid222 p

Orchid222 p  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Thank you, u are amazing

Cassandra Nickels

Cassandra Nickels  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello Patricia.

I should be on tomorrow earlier than this time tomorrow. Ill see you for a chat at sometime.

Cassandra Nickels

Cassandra Nickels  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello Patricia.

There are alot of phychics out there, but im wondering when u are online sometime Im only guessing but im thinking you may beable to pick up what is happening with me or going through, let me know when ur online sometime and i will contact u again.

Akoon Akoon

Akoon Akoon  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hey Pratrica can u message when come on.

Tramaine Harrison

Tramaine Harrison  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hi Patricia when I was younger I was told that I'll be the Prophet to the Nations, what do you see in my future. I,m sol lost


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