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LEOMOON patricia´s Hall


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Diane Clow

Diane Clow  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Thank you... that was very lovely of you.

Orchid222 p

Orchid222 p  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Thank you, u are amazing

Cassandra Nickels

Cassandra Nickels  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello Patricia.

I should be on tomorrow earlier than this time tomorrow. Ill see you for a chat at sometime.

Cassandra Nickels

Cassandra Nickels  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello Patricia.

There are alot of phychics out there, but im wondering when u are online sometime Im only guessing but im thinking you may beable to pick up what is happening with me or going through, let me know when ur online sometime and i will contact u again.

Akoon Akoon

Akoon Akoon  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hey Pratrica can u message when come on.

Tramaine Harrison

Tramaine Harrison  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hi Patricia when I was younger I was told that I'll be the Prophet to the Nations, what do you see in my future. I,m sol lost

shania moy

shania moy  ›  LEOMOON patricia

hey so I cant do private reading as yet but can you find out when will the love of my life come back to me Mathew Kelly date of birth 16 of the 7 month 1996 and me 15 of the 6 1996?

Colleen Ferrara

Colleen Ferrara  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Miss You. Hope all is well.


queenbee22  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello hapyy Turkey day to if ur celebrating hv a great day

Sunnydays55 Robert

Sunnydays55 Robert  ›  LEOMOON patricia

HI Leomoon
Hope all well ?
Feel like the weather at the moment bit numb
have a great day

Timothy Canto

Timothy Canto  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Can you add me

Colleen Ferrara

Colleen Ferrara  ›  LEOMOON patricia

I just read your e-mail. Thank You for that. I would like to learn more. Hopefully, I will be able to speak with You tomorrow morning as it seems You are not online at this time. Have a wonderful night.

Kris Sparkle

Kris Sparkle  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Hello Patricia
I am from Australia, I have stumbled across this website, am not sure on the costs involved, however am interested in your field and if you can help me with direction in my life.
Decision making on business is my biggest issue at present.


Maria0987  ›  LEOMOON patricia

Thank you very much for the demo reading!

AzenExpertXY MindReaderQs

AzenExpertXY MindReaderQs  ›  LEOMOON patricia

did you know in your pictures when you have a good connection to somebody they have golden eyes you do to lol


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