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gurmeet kals´s Hall

star 22 child

star 22 child  ›  gurmeet kals

thank u, once again Gurmeet kals!!! May God bless you. starchild:)

3 weeks ago Cool  
Maki Moto

Maki Moto  ›  gurmeet kals

Thank you, Gurmeet for your useful insight!


A S  ›  gurmeet kals

Gurmeet, your prediction came true. You are very concise always seem to have a remedy and know whats going on. I have many more questions tho. Hope to see you soon...

4 weeks ago Cool  
Sugarbear Louis

Sugarbear Louis  ›  gurmeet kals

Every time I need answer what's going in my life I quickly run to him easy to connected, caring and always spot on. Very detailed / patient worth your time and money. Thanks again Gurmeet God bless

2 months ago Cool  
gurmeet kals

gurmeet kals added to his contacts.

Terri Tiernan Tessa Leger Marko AA Shamim Esmail rajs tddd
1 day ago
gurmeet kals

gurmeet kals cools motherbear 77's and marsha bryan's profile.

motherbear 77 marsha bryan
1 week ago
gurmeet kals
6 days ago
marsha bryan

marsha bryan  ›  gurmeet kals

Gurmeet continues to shed light on situations and life's dynamics that feed one's soul and help illuminate one's path. I cannot speak highly enough of his gifts nor express the depths of gratitude I have that he is here not only for me but for all who find themselves standing in the brilliance of the truth and revelations he shares. Blessings, Marsha

2 months ago Cool  
Maki Moto

Maki Moto  ›  gurmeet kals

I have read Gurmeet's predictions on Miss Universe 2015, Manny Pacquiao - Tim Bradley World Boxing bout, and the Philippines Presidential Elections.


4 months ago Cool  
Sugarbear Louis

Sugarbear Louis  ›  gurmeet kals

OMG!!!!I'm speechless Gurmeet has a very unique gifted from God I had goosebumps the whole time for the demo and everything he told me are very true and so much sense. He gave me wisdom & hope for my future that i almost gave up in life now i had the clarity of my life that i'm look forward 2. Thank you so much you are a blessing to me God bless you...xoxo Highly recommended***** 5 star*****Love Wisperslight thanks again

4 months ago Cool  

empathic_one  ›  gurmeet kals

I received a demo reading which was accurate to the messages that I have been receiving. I loved the fact that I didnt have to give any information (name/birthdate) to receive information. Gurmeet gave information that I needed to hear and cleared my thoughts of worry. I will be back to update. Thanks Gurmeet!

4 months ago Cool  
golden light

golden light  ›  gurmeet kals

Thank you for the accurate reading as I was chosen for your demo for the first time.whatever you told me was exactly true.I am truly grateful and many blessing your way.

gurmeet kals
gurmeet kals commented on a post on own wall.
4 months ago
Eli Fernandez

Eli Fernandez  ›  gurmeet kals

As a guru myself and the author of esoteric books, Gurmeet has been a very uniquely gifted Guru with give wisdom and visions into what are causing certain issues in life in all realms of my life.

He is a great teacher in Sikhism and Hinduism and has predicted this months as the luckiest,month of my lifetime of 43 years.

6 months ago Cool  
gurmeet kals
6 months ago


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