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tasha2ki´s Hall

Light Light

Light Light  ›  tasha2ki

tasha am i wasting my hopes and dreams for ali?

Tanya Burt

Tanya Burt  ›  tasha2ki

Tasha, thank you so much for your help. I finally had contact (2 hour convo with him about a week ago. :-), hoping to get update with you this coming Sat or Sun. Will you be online? Thank you!

29 minutes ago Cool

HappyKellyGirl  ›  tasha2ki

Tasha...thank you for the message as always :) Miss busy bee!

18 hours ago Cool  
zeba raza

zeba raza  ›  tasha2ki


19 hours ago Cool  

cc331815  ›  tasha2ki

Tasha, you were in my dream last night! So weird! Hope you are on soon!

20 hours ago Cool  

tasha2ki added Lucas Amaral, Blanka M. and sagittariuslady to her contacts.

Lucas Amaral Blanka M. sagittariuslady
2 hours ago
jeannine 1003

jeannine 1003  ›  tasha2ki

i hope you co e on tonight, i need a mess for my birthday, lol much love and light to you. smooches

1 day ago Cool  

jettagirl09  ›  tasha2ki

Once again, Tasha, your messages are pretty accurate. During our last private consultation on September 8th, you said that in 2 weeks time, something would be happening between him and I, and beginning on the 22nd, he and I have had much more conversation over text and interacting in that way, even though we haven't gotten to see each other again, but I am hopeful that as October begins, a whole new chapter and way of being will result between the 2 of us, as many of your other messages from "free chat" have indicated, as well.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Your messages, both from free chat and private consultation are truly beautiful and I look forward to more of those interactions and sharing more confirmations with you.

1 day ago Cool   think this is cool.
bhargavi here

bhargavi here  ›  tasha2ki

Hi tasha, thank you very much for telling me that my bro will get his marriage fixed in september!!! his engagement is on this monday.. V thankful to you!!!! Im just waiting for my turn --october and i knw it will surely happen 100%:) happy tht a long wait is getting over :):):) v much grateful to you and god bless :) love u.

2 days ago Cool   think this is cool.

ANGELS66 ANGEL  ›  tasha2ki

It's always a pleasure coming into your room Tasha and all the messages you give everyone are much appreciated. I'm just keeping everything crossed that the message you gave me a couple of weeks ago will come true :-) Hope your eye is better again now. You are an Angel and deserve every happiness :-)

4 days ago Cool   think this is cool.
Andrew M
Andrew M
Very nicely said, she is truly unselfish with her time and energy and gives so much love to all of us that come in her room :)
2 days ago   Cool  
Patti Hill

Patti Hill  ›  tasha2ki

I want to thank you for the reading you gave me a while ago. You told me about the man I have feelings for. He just ended things with me a few days ago. Apparently I did something to upset him, it wasn't even direct or intentional. Is it truly over? You said many things in my reading which were very true. Thank you for being so kind and caring. Hope to get another reading soon.

4 days ago Cool   think this is cool.
tasha2ki cools sky456 's post.
4 days ago
4 days ago

sky456  ›  tasha2ki

Just to let you know all the messages i've had from you are all starting to happen , you are amazing and very much appreciated, thank you so much.

4 days ago Cool   think this is cool.
This is just more hope for others. Everyone needs to be patient and not ask Tasha about timelines because it will happen when the timing is right. Tasha's predictions will happen. Tasha tries to help everyone as best she could.
4 days ago   Cool  

HappyKellyGirl  ›  tasha2ki

thank you Tasha as always!

4 days ago Cool  
Personal Things

Personal Things  ›  tasha2ki

Hope your doing well ... the message you gave me on free chat 4 days ago came to pass yesterday and its so amazing no other psychic on here saw that in fact i was told the apposite of what you told me from so many psychics on here . I am just hoping that other things you saw for me will come to pass . love to you hope you get passed the things that bother your heart and mind .....

4 days ago Cool   think this is cool.
tasha is such an amazing woman. she must know it. :)
4 days ago   Cool  
Personal Things
Personal Things
Yes she is an amazing women .... even that one prediction came to pass i am still scared that the other things won't come to pass and that fear is eating me up because things in my situation are changing by day and i am very confused of whats going to happen .Plus i had a lot of readings on here and i got apposite answers to my questions from what tasha has been telling me and that scares me more i just cant take the stress no more :(
4 days ago   Cool  

ChrisIsTrying  ›  tasha2ki

Hope you are having a great day Tasha. sending some light your way :) ..only cause you are that good of a woman and help others.

6 days ago Cool   think this is cool.
1 week ago


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