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  What is community? community is a Global Spiritual Community that connects you with the World's most renowned Experts: astrologers, tarot masters, clairvoyants, healers and many more. Due to the latest live-interactive broadcasting technologies we use, you are able to see and hear your favorite Expert. Furthermore, we provide free chat to our Visitors, this way you have unlimited time to test the Expert before you ask for private reading!
  What is free chat, online status and private reading?
Experts can choose if they can available for free chat or for private readings only. Experts marked with a FREE CHAT button can be seen, heard, and texted by any Visitors for free. Free chats are designed to get a connection between the Expert and the Member. Experts marked with ONLINE button can be called for a private reading only.

Experts marked with a BUSY NOW button are in a private reading at the moment. Private readings are designed to have an intimate place for the Members to get their personal readings. In private readings Members can opt to be seen and heard.
  How does the free chat work?
You only have to click on a FREE CHAT button on our Expert listings page HERE, and you can watch and listen to the given person. If you have a question to the Expert, please type in the field on the bottom and click on the SEND button. To have a unique name and enjoy the many features, register as a Member!
  How to get a private reading?
First you need to register a Member account, then log in with that account, and click on the ADD CREDITS button on the top-right corner. Credit packages can be bought from 19.99 up to 99.99. The credits can be used on a pay-per-minute basis, that ranges from 0.99 to 9.99, depending on the given Expert. VISA, Mastercard and all the major payment options can be used within our safe system.
  How does the private reading work?
After you registered as a Member and bought credits, please click on the START PRIVATE READING button on a given Expert's profile. In the private reading you can watch and listen to the Expert. Besides typing to the person you may also turn on your camera and/or microphone.
  How to get an e-mail reading?
After you registered as a Member and bought credits, please click HERE to find Experts who are available for e-mail readings. Select one and fill out the fields needed, you can even attach pictures. Your reading will arrive within 48 hours.
  How to message an expert?
Go to the profile page of the given Expert and click on the GET E-MAIL READING button to send a message to the person.
  How do I know my favorite is online?
Either you can add your favorite Expert to your list by clicking on the heart icon, or to mark the Notify me when this Expert comes online box on the profile page. You will be notified by a message sent to your e-mail address.
  How can I subscribe to an expert's mailing list?
Right after leaving the private reading, mark the This Expert can send me messages box. The Expert will be able to send one message per a week.
  How can I rate an expert?
You can leave a rating right after a private reading or on the Expert's profile page if you had a private reading previously.
Member functions
  How to register as a member?
Registering as a Member takes only a minute and is free of charge. Please click on the REGISTER FOR FREE button in the top-right corner. Provide a username, password, an e-mail address, and fill out your profile.
  What if I can't login as a member?
Please click on the forgot password link at the bottom of login box to get a new password. If you experience other login issues, contact us by clicking HERE.
  How can I unsubscribe from mailing lists?
Check the sent messages for the UNSUBSCRIBE link or contact us by clicking HERE.
  What if i'm not satisfied with a reading?
Oranum has a solid money back guarantee for Members who aren't satisfied with the service provided. Please contact us for further details by clicking HERE.
  How can I cancel my member account?
Please contact us from your registered e-mail address by clicking HERE.
Credit Purchase
  Terms of use -coupon
  How do I buy credits?
After you registered a Member account, please click on the ADD CREDITS button in the top-right corner. Oranum has highly secure payment systems with encrypted connection (HTTPS), SSL coding, verified by VISA, Mastercard and Verisign.
  What to do if I have an unsuccessful credit purchase?
First please check your registered e-mail address and answer the message you got from "", our billing company. if didn't get a message, contact "" by clicking here.
  How to check my credit balance?
Ccheck your credit balance or use the money icon in the top-right corner.
  How to change my payment option?
Change your payment option or use the money icon in the top-right corner.
Technical Help
  What to do if I can't see the camera picture?
You need to install the latest Flash Player by clicking HERE.
  What to do with general errors?
If you experience an unusual bug on the website, then we advise you to clear your browser's cache and cookie (note that this will erase your stored passwords and other user data). We created a program to make this process simple, that you can download by clicking HERE.
  How to enable your camera and/or microphone in a private reading?
You may enable your camera and/or microphone by clicking on the MY MICROPHONE or MY CAMERA button while you are in the private reading. When the Flash Player's window appears, check the ALLOW box and accept it.

Please make sure that you have your camera plugged, installed, no other applications are using it, and you have the latest Flash Player installed from HERE.
  How to help the support team?
In certain cases the Support team needs to know your system details in order to resolve an issue.

Please click HERE to download the Oranum Utility program that will send us a report of your system.

Sometimes to fix a serious technical issue, we need your permission to connect to your computer. To allow and manage this connection, download the Oranum TeamViewer by clicking HERE and contact us (Mac version is here.

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