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kim kathi wishes to keep this wall private

online psychics




*HONEST answers* Universal Life force energy/affirmations** ACCURATE and DETAILED information TIME FRAMES**LIFE COACH**INTERNATIONAL RESPECT with PROVEN ABILITY**TAKE...

Helped on: 2781


Psychic AlyciaRose


1.49 SALE (reg 5.99) 12K HELPED! 5☆ TOP EXPERT ☆ Honest, Professional, Accurate ☆ Integrity matters. There is no substitute for experience - 30 yrs. American...

Helped on: 12613




20 FREE CREDITS TO WHOEVER COMES TO PRIVATE CHAT. SALE! 1.49 (Creds must be spent only with me)

Helped on: 1277


Love Heera The Psychic


☆SALE SALE SALE 1.99/min:) TRUSTED& PROVEN Psychic-Energy Channeler&Healer! for HONEST/ CLEAR guidance!:: Best LOVE& CAREER reading!☆Come in♥ Reading/...

Helped on: 8067


Love Soulmate


❤❤ BEST RATE ❤ ❤ WITH GREAT LOVE SOUL MATE PSYCHIC❤ ❤ ... I am a natural gifted psychic through blood. I come from a very long line...

Helped on: 829