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Member said about
Rune- Master

good reading, very nice personash, new jersey

WOW! All I did was write my question down on a paper in front of myself and he told me EVERYTHING I needed to know without me asking anything! Very accurate and relevant to all I wanted to ask about - amazing!Seeker1200, USA

Bernard is honest is why I had a reading with him. I have been to his room a few times and I respect him. His reading was on track and I was nodding yes to all he was telling me. I have had many readings and can say Bernard is one of the accurate and better ones on Oranum. He will not tell you what you want to hear, he will tell you how he sees it, good or bad. Bernard is someone I will come back to and have follow-up readings. Try him, u wont be disappointed you did. Thanks Bernard for the reading, u gave me much clarity.Wingy, Universe

very kind and compassionate. easy reading, insightful.marie, Louisville