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Member said about

she's wonderful !!!! and very accurate !!diamond, Linden

Very honest. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear. She knew exactly what I was feeling. I look forward to more time with her. Rose, Birmingham

She is great!enri, chicago

Ahinora is a fast typist, oftentimes answering my questions before I could even ask them! She accesses the Akashic Records so she sees all in our life. She was so spot on in my reading it was delightful and inspiring! She doesn't sugarcoat anything- for example she laid out the lessons that I needed to learn ,within a certain time frame I inquired about,point by point. She also suggested a visit to the doctor regarding a possible hormonal imbalance that I've always been curious about for years and it affecting my stress levels. Needless to say, I will be making a doctor appointment to get this checked out. I should have followed my own intuition about this years ago but I never did so I will follow her guidance now! I wrote down most of the information she provided so that I can go back and review it often to remind myself to stay on track and the good things just around the corner! She's just lovely. :) I highly recommend her if you are looking for an accurate and fast assisting spiritual counselor (aka psychic, if you prefer that term). Thank you Ahinora! God bless you. SARA DAVIS, AURORA, COLORADO