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Member said about
Lady Norah

Norah is so very wonderful. She will see straight into your soul. I am very touched & inspired by my private reading with Norah. Norah, you are God's Gift to the weary & suffering. Thank you so very much. I think you literally saved my life. Listen carefully to Norah, she will guide you well :) Your Friend, JoanJoan, USA

LadyNorah has an a beautiful kind way about her. She is so kind, so sincere and very heartfelt. What a beautiful spirit....I can't wait to provide her with an update...She is amazing and I would highly recommend her for a reading if you need clarity and guidance:)Carrie, WI

Very good at picking up on who you are...very soothing and calming. Can't wait to see her prediction come trueAB, Houston

just a wonderful lady honest and sincere made me understand things in better way and gave me suggestions how to achieve what I want if I want it. thank her from the bottom of my heart.Sandi, Cedar Grove