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Member said about
Sonic Nova

Love Sonic Nova!!! she is wonderful, quick, fast and connects with me immediately!! she is been exactly spot on. awesome and beautiful person Mel, Houston

This is my first reading with sonic. And i have to give it to her she is very talented and very gifted and knows exactly what she is doing. She helped me out with my situation and gave full details on how to handle it and what to do. She is very accurate and doesn't sugar coat at all. She will be my #1 person that i will go to from now on this site. She didn't tell me things to get my hopes up like others i have been to before. She told me the truth and i thank her very much for her time and help. I really do appreciate it. Now my worries are over. She is really a gift sent from God. I will highly recommend her trust me you will not be disappointed. I wish there was a 10,000 star rating on here but sadly its not. She deserves all the stars there is. Thank you Sonic. I will be back.uniquelele25, Alabama

was a great update reading andre, va

she's amazing.... just chilled and gives a great reading :) coolstarsky , uk