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Sagittarius people usually enjoy sports activities, spending as much time as they can outside. Mountain climbing, riding a bike or horse-riding can please them, as well as shooting, hiking, archery, surfing and learning foreign languages as indoor activities. They are usually interested in religious topics, philosophy or anthropology. If they have time, they adore reading and writing. 
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Member said about
Mystic Maddia

Nice lady, very honest vikki, uk

Thanks Maddia, for the chat and updates. The message you gave me on 'Forgiveness' really rang true today. Learning to forgive myself is an important step to try to be more open and honest about how I feel about things. Thank you for your guidance and understanding as I try to deal with my issues. You are awesome:) xxMark, Kitchener, Ontario

Very exciting reading...Looking forward to her predictions@@regina, sf

thank you maddia. sorry my credit run out. but you have been very helpful.inna, Dublin