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Taurus Teens are easy to handle and control. They seek perfection and prefer strongly committed relationships. A Taurus Teen usually loves delicious dishes, parties and large friendly gatherings. Their first sexual experiences may take place at an early age because of their sensual nature. They are usually strong personalities, family life and a peaceful and harmonious family environment is crucial for them.
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Member said about
godmessages- jia

she was vary fast didnt ask much... but I would come back for a reading for sure!! khloezen300, New York

one of the top readers on this site.. oranum is lucky to have her. she is very close the the other side, and she is very and blessingskake, ocean

she is so quick to pick up and respond...she truly tries to use minutes as wisely as be ready with your questions! I've always loved her readings........cittylove, usa

very great reader, picked up fast and accurately katie, usa