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Their steady long for freedom can rule over Sagittarius Teens from a very early age. They are idealistic and have a strong sense of justice. They have high aims and feel themselves able to redeem the world. Sagittarius Teens are usually very responsible and able to have the consequences of their acts. They are often interested in politics, and keen on solving problems that everyone else has given up. They are very curious about sexuality and do not reject light challenges.
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Member said about
Fraser Hughes

Fraser is fantastic! He picks on things so accurately and with time frames. He is a genuine psychic!CookieJan, Long Beach

he was good but it was hard to understand him a little j, j

Great reading and advise! Fraser makes me very happy every time giving me more detail and advise on my questions and situation. The best on Oranum!CookieJan, Long Beach

SUPER FAST FAST! Spot on! I will be back for fast reading. Very polite and kind!Liz, Ktown