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Aquarius Teens might seem to be quarreling characters so as to prove how unique they are. They are able to fight against anything that is in connection with dignity and strict rules. Parental dignity is very important to them, so it is very important that their parents should behave in a way that their Aquarius Teens could look up to them. Otherwise they can be very hurtful, even towards their beloved ones. It is very important to them that their problems should always be listened to.
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Fraser Hughes

Such a sweetheart....I love his readings!Gina, East

All I can say is that Frazer is the best on Oranum. I've never had a reading as accurate. He even gives names and it is unbelievable, exact name. I definitely encourage you to do readings with him. You'll be very satisfied and happy.CookieJan, Long Beach

He was really spot on with his information. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for soild information. renet10, Somewhere magical

Quirky...quick...loveable psychic. Gina, East