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There is a wise old statement that after a while, pets begin to resemble their owners. Do you have a pet, and have you ever thought about the truth of this statement? Our pets mirror us, and they surely have a Sixth Sense by which they are able to channel Universal resonances – so, they should be treated with much Love, Respect and Understanding. If it is true that babies choose their parents, can it also be true that our pets choose us? Or do we choose each other? It is worth considering…
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Member said about
Constanttine Astrologer

He is my favorite!!!!Katie, Alb

excellenteeeeeeee. que bien describio la situationes. regresare por otro consulta muy bueno . very good highly recommended. great reader wao maria, florida

constanttine is mazing always helping me and his always right about things i swear that he helps me a lot mishell, michi

Very nice!Ro JI, ON