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Wednesday, Dec 02.

You have been helping people deal with all sorts of financial problems for years, and you may be considering setting your experience down in book form, Scorpio! There are certain steps involved in solving problems; but the most important thing - what people NEVER do - is PREVENTING them…You want to help people organize their financial lives from the word go; teach them how to work out a budget, and do the math to calculate their standard of living, their available income so they do not exceed their living wage. Most people do NOT do this math, and end up in the Debt Carrousel. Hey! That is a great title for your book, Scorpio!

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Member said about
Love Heera The Psychic

She is amazing,she said it right about the job...Silver, KOL

thanks Heera for an honest and nurturing reading. whenever21, portland maine

very helpfulsometimes4321, somewhere4321

very1 helpful so gentle and caslming too hope youre prediction is rightclo, uk