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Sunday, Sep 21.

Dear Scorpio, today decisive Mars will be in a tough angle to foggy Neptune, suggesting that you may experiencing disappointments and feeling discouraged and frustrated about money affairs. This aspect also suggests that you could be taken advantage of as idealistic Neptune could lure you into spending money on something luxurious just because you temporarily think you can. Watch out for this because you may actually not be able to afford it. Wait a few days to make this purchase if you can because you might find out that it's not a good move after all.
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Member said about
Ambika Devi

she was great, really good, and explained anything:)Sam, Illinois

Very kind and caring woman. Really helped encourage me to focus more on myself. Love this woman and highly recommend her!Cinnadoll, Hempstead

Very Good. Robert, Indiana

Spot on with many of the details. Very kind. Very helpful. Would love to chat with her again. Cinnadoll, Hempstead