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Wednesday, Feb 10.

You will be in a daredevil mood today, and you may be tempted to do some reckless spending on luxurious frippery, or maybe just in pleasurable living. You may be hopping a flight to a neighboring city just for dinner and a show, or spending a veritable fortune on concert tickets so you can have VIP seats in the first row and see your favorite performer u close… It may all seem as if you are entering a period when your impulsiveness will see you in the red, but somehow your playful attitude will have you taking a gamble on the right “pony” and you are going to walk away the big winner, and after all that crazy spending you will be better off than ever!
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Member said about
deep thoughts

its was great nicole, Port Richey

much appreciatedams, nowhere

Amazing reading Lorna, Malta

the time is too shortAnne, Kotka