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Saturday, Apr 30.

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Member said about
Cosmic Sister

I enjoyed my reading with you thanks CosmicSisterAmy , Missouri

Cosmic Sister was really good! She was able to share the names of different spiritual teachers, and she was extremely knowledgeable! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR WORK!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! :DLane Uhler, Somerset PA

She knew exactly everything I needed for my health issues, that I have been struggling with lately. Things that I knew I have been needing to do for myself, but have felt overwhelmed to do living on my own. I need more walks who it's cool, blue colors, taking the radiation out of my room, and more clean raw eating. She confirmed that a relocation was beneficial for me, and that I had negative influences in my environment. If I had expendable finances I'd consult her daily.sugabutterfly34, Decatur

Interesting - will definitely come back. Heather, Cleveland