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Friday, Apr 25.

Dear Scorpio today being a perfectionist will go against your progress on the financial front. In fact, you might have to leave money matters for another day. The Cardinal Grand Cross that is influencing the whole world will be pulling you in so many directions now that you will have to make decisions and act based on your intuition. You inner voice will be your best guide and you will have to think and do everything much faster than you usually would so there is no time for big deliberations or even delegating.
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if you want the truth.... this is the man for you jojoed, manchester

Intuitive, connected immediately, recommend!B, SFO

clear, honestshellyb, ca

Stéphane is SUPER TALENTED!! Very clear and very accurate . More very nice. Excellent medium. Deserves a great reputation. I am extremely satisfied with the revelations confirming better than other lights. It is a heart stroke. Best indicator I've seen on this site! I repeat: REALLY FASCINATING AND EXPERT! a big thank you for your timely advice, wise and REAL! and BRAVO!Patricia , NZ