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Friday, Apr 18.

Dear Scorpio your impulsiveness will lead you elsewhere today and it is most likely to a bit of money and financial issues. Unnecessary spending will be on a high during this day and you will not be able to control it as well as you should. Luxury items and quality is your main priority although this feeling will not be here for long. If you buy something that will definitely step outside the boundaries of your planned daily budget then make sure you find a way to give it back later as you will surely want to. Also, although your impulsivity is disconcerting, your decision-making abilities are very effective today and so any instinctive purchases, being a new car or planning the next trip will work out perfectly.
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Member said about

excellent as always :)shad, sg

greatmajoma, dp

She is amazingly will not be disappointedAL, USA

this reading really moved me. it was touching and made me teary. i had been dealing with my situation alone, and i feel like i can turn to seherezada82 for support and emotional comfort. she gives excellent advice. honest. always says what needs to be said. no beating around the bush. and i will follow your advice and have patience for my lily and moon yet to come :)melissa, ontario