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Saturday, Sep 05.

You may be handling a lot of money today and none of it yours! You may be involved in fund-raising for your community center, or for your congregation, and in typical Scorpio fashion you end up taking responsibility for the whole caboodle! You organize the fundraising dinner, or auction or garage sale; you bake a thousand cookies and sell each and every one of them yourself (you eat a few too, but you scrupulously pay for them). At the end of the day you have to tally up the proceeds: your diligence raised a huge sack containing hundreds of dollars in tiny coins! Whip out that calculator, Scorpio, and a ton of patience!

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Member said about
The PsychicOra

Great reading and very compassionate; thank you.lotus71, nyc

Great personJennifer, Richmond

Thank youSarah, UAE

great reading. hoping for things to come truek, hid