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Saturday, Aug 30.

Dear Scorpio, the current planetary aspect favours your financial asset situation and helps you fine tune with your intuition. Ignore the opinions of others and follow your gut feeling today. This is not a time to be connected to your mental struggles because they will only hinder your success. Being yourself will be enough to lead you on the road to success. Do not fear the unknown now because you feel that big changes are coming your way. You can have faith and believe that everything you do today will turn to your advantage and the financial security of your future ventures. Be daring and enjoy your day today!

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Member said about
Gloria Knows

her cards speak to me unbelievable...from day one! very accurate honest n truthful..ultimate awesomerosy, sgd

always very kind and sweet. Helps me a lot. mnt1442, usa

gloria is great she is a great friend and give honest answers... xxgerirish, eire

thank you again for this wonderful reading. Appreciate your honesty. God bless you my angel. mnt1442, us