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Monday, May 25.

Dear Scorpio, today you may be challenged to sort out a few short-term financial difficulties. A few extra bills may show up: an unexpected charge for an expensive repair or you may have to replace a costly house-hold appliance such as a refrigerator, a stove, or a washing machine. You may dip into your savings account and sort this out quite easily, but later today you may be tempted to overspend at a lavish social event. The idea of living out a romantic fantasy may blind you, and you may later discover you have spent far more than you could afford on what amounted to little more than a very fancy dinner and a dance.

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Member said about
Spiritualana Ana


ana is lovely:) i came to her abit stressed she calmed me down, she knew what was going on with the situation. very precise and accurate reading. thanks anaa, london

Sweet Ana thank you for the reading and the healing. Much love and blessings to you! MYlife123, USA

She was so amazing a sweet just loved her thank you Ana 10 starsana, florida