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Monday, Nov 30.

Dear Scorpio, this is a time when you will easily come up with ideas to improve your financial situation so why not plan them out and put them into practice if you haven't done so already? If you need support from someone or just a few pieces of information you will most likely get it so what’s stopping you? Go for it! It seems like you are in the mood to help others so why not get involved in a charity or association of some sort? Although you don’t have to help them financially you will definitely consider doing so. Just make sure you are not the one asking for it in the end.

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Member said about
Vanamali Healer

great reading van thank you theme, bris

Great intutive and counsellor, appreciate his perspectiveGiuseppe Granfalloon, Prague

Hi...great time...sorry I had to go didn't know credits were quite that expensive. Thank you though. Excellent jobFlarington, Toronto

Excellent reading. Insightful and connects deeply. Mooon, somewhere