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Wednesday, Jul 30.

Dear Scorpio, today you are going through a phase where nothing much is really happening for you in the skies regarding your money and finances. The best you can do for the time being is to get your finances organized so that when the time comes you can take the necessary action to achieve your goals. You shouldn't really worry too much about this and you should focus on other things instead. Get busy on the career front and soon enough income increase and financial stability will follow. It's just a matter of hanging in there and being patient. If you are really low on money get creative about how you can live with less.
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Member said about
PsychicJohnG Sutton

i don't know what i would do without him and his visions!!ss, unknown

he is awesome !!justme , usa

Thank you John for giving me insight again into my situation He has given names of places I will be looking up and looking forward to my future xxmich221, uk

Thanks John. Thank you I think you can see all that that means :) xfragrant, universe