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Sunday, Oct 11.

An opportunity for making some extra money may come your way today, and it may involve foreign trade, or some travel to a far country, or maybe buying and selling some exotic goods. You could also be getting involved with currency trading or speculation. This could be the start of a very profitable little side line for you. You could be making some small but very handy amounts of cash; and as you rope in your friends and family to help you out as the demand for your services grow, you may discover this may even have the potential to grow from a small amateur venture into a major money-spinner that can make you all a lot of money.

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Member said about

He is kind, attentive, non judgemental and spot on, I loved the reading! I totally recommend him Vita, Miami

Spot on! AnnicB1, Caribbean

thank you , nice manLeigh, Allen

Very enlightening to talk with him. He is very real, down to earth, and knew his stuff. Sherry, US