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Monday, Mar 02.

Dear Scorpio, today is a day of sweeping tides washing away what you thought were tied and tested moorings. . Listen to your intuition, it will allow you to recognize the danger signs long before anyone else; and what may be in danger is money: your money, your savings. Check to see that all is as should be; and while you are at it, look at those investments other people asked you to advise them on, including the company funds. Taking care and responsibility for the safety of others - be it physical or monetary - is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Your proactive attitude has just scored you a possible promotion, stepping over a few people you thought ranked above you.

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Member said about
Robert Deschene

Insight toward the resolution of my life's greatest conflict bringing me all the way forward and back into peace and serenity. By my opinion which is very critical I have not had any tarot readings that would match it. Geoff Eversole, Louisville, KY

excellent ... 10 stars!donna, COLONIA

made me fel so much better. Gave me so much insight. I absolutely love, love, LOVE this guy! Get a reading from him people, you won't regret it. Best reading I've had by far...FlowerChild01, Indianapolis

amazing.nICOLE , peoria AZ