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Saturday, Oct 25.

Dear Libra, today Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, resumes its forward movent in Libra, your third house of communication, where it has been in retrograde for the past 19 days, making you rethink and make adjustments in all areas of your life, including your financial life. Now you wil lstart to feel some relief and resolution and you will be able to express yourself in a way that your message is delivered clearly and your thoughts will also be clear to you. This will help you move forward and take action in your plans on the financial front. This will be a good time to pitch a project for investment.
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Member said about
Onyx Phoenix

great reading thanksbaker, usa

Helpful again and again : ) Trust his advice. Honest and sincere and knowledgeable!!B, ORLANDO

He REALLY goes above and beyond with his readings. I feel like he's good at interpreting the situation and how the cards interpret into the situation. Funny and caring also. WORTH A TRY trust me. I've been on this site A LOT!!!BRENDA, ORLANDO

Good advice. Great explanation of the cards received and how they were relevant to my situation. Again, seems trustworthy and knowledgeable!! That's important to me when spending my dime! Worth it!!B, FLORIDA