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Tuesday, May 26.

Dear Leo, you are an ambitious individual, with an overwhelming need for success, and specifically you crave the outward signs of financial prosperity. You want the haut couture clothes, the bespoke shoes, the unique jewellery, the obscenely expensive vintage sports-car; the home filled with antiques and objects d’art. This is what you have always wanted, and finally the moment you have been longing for is here. You now have all you dreamed of and more, just be very sure that you don’t lose other things of greater value. You may have gained the life-style you always wanted, but don’t lose your friends.

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Member said about
Mystic Charles

the best and highly intuned reader on the the siteoles, bas

thanks charles ur sessions are always a pleasure.lavelle, minot

love this manbreannabee12, chicago

Thank you for the quick responses aaa, bbb