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Friday, Jul 31.

Dear Leo, today a Full Moon in Aquarius, your seventh house of partnerships and contracts brings you some conclusions on the financial front. If you have been going through a rough patch lately when it comes to your business partnerships and financial agreements, then many of you will most likely be able to bring some matters to a head. You can expect such issues to start fading or you may easily find a solution for them. It may be that your business partner is overspending, or not contributing on equal terms to the household expenses and it is essential that you address this problem, don’t allow it to fester.
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Member said about
John Psychic Scotland

He's kinda the best - he can really see. He is a WOW for sure - very gifted, glad he is sharing with the world! Thanks John! :)Kelly, PHL

He is a WOW! I cannot say enough good things about him - helped me out so much, his connection is amazing..needed nothing but my question & was so spot on. Everything I had thought deep down and in regards to other person involved read them well as well. So much gratitude! Kelly, PHL

Lovely personality, very helpful and explained in detail everything I needed to know, bless.Pheonix, Israel

fantastic reader, very insightful, don't need to tell him anything, he will pick up on it all 10 stars *****************and beyond thanks JohnDebbie, a