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Saturday, Aug 30.

Dear Leo, you feel very restless at the moment and are so bored that the only thing that seems to attract you is a shopping spree. This is the worse time to go out spending your money because you will end up buying things that you don’t need and will deplete your cash flow unnecessarily and have later regrets. Additionally this behaviour will bring arguments and family members may criticize your egocentric trait. Rather than create havoc around you, go to your local bank and ask your accounts manager to suggest ways in which you can arrange a savings that will fit your needs. If you follow the stars you are going to feel a million dollars by the end of the day and will contribute to a greater self-esteem.
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Member said about
Leelahel Lunette

Simply the best on here. Listens, looks into the situation and gets to the point. Does not BS. Give her a try youll know exactly what I'm talking about. Val, NJ

She is such a sweetheart! Thank you for helping me through this crisis!!!Blonde, CA

thank you :) lynnrmc, Australia

It was a great reading again! I can definitely trust Leelahel and will continue to seek her advice in the future.Brian, Pleasant Hill