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August 2014

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for August 2014!

This month, will be a very good time to travel if you feel like it, and the planets will help you to be very creative about it and go on new experiences. However, you may find it hard to be clear and realistic at times but nothing that you can’t overcome. Also, any emotional issue you may have is likely to fade throughout the month and being around other people will be very favorable.

In the first few days of August, Venus will be in aspect with both Saturn and Uranus on the 1st. Venus the planet of romance, creativity and pleasure seeking, will be in your 9th house of travel and different cultures, suggesting that it is a very good time to travel with the people closest to you and get away from all the daily stress and pressure you have been feeling lately.

In the first full week of the month, on the 10th there will be a Full Moon in your 4th house of home and family. Any emotional issues you may have will most likely fade at some point now. However, the Full Moon may have the opposite effect on some of you as it has reactive energy and can lead you to feel very emotional towards your family. If you feel this way just spend some time alone and calm down.

In the following week, Venus will be entering your 10th house making you more creative and popular when it comes to friends and family so make sure you take advantage of this to do something different with them. If you manage to organize something innovative they will be willing to follow you no matter what. On the 15th Jupiter will be in aspect to Neptune and this planet will surely make it harder to focus on what is real and may make you too hopeful and full of expectations. This could make you overly excited and not quite able to see clearly. However, at the same time Mercury will be entering Virgo, which makes you more analytical and realistic, so anything suspicious that comes your way you will be able to see it. And because it is in your 11th house, maybe a friend or someone close may offer you something amazing that in the end could set you up for a big disappointment.

On August 23rd the Sun will be moving into your 11th house of friendships making you more open to attending social gatherings, parties and events. At the same time, Mercury will also be entering your 11th house and it has a lot to do with what you are thinking and how you are communicating with others so you should really take this time to expand your social horizons and meet new people as you will be able to express yourself clearly and be focused on what they say.

On August 25th there will be a New Moon in your 11th house and this is a great time to socialize and be with friends, building your social network and participating in group activities as it will bring you great satisfaction and pleasure. Making new friends is also very favorable at this time so make sure you go out and make yourself known and have some fun while doing it.

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Member said about

I made a true friend! I feel a strong connection. she was right on point wit who I am.mabelswyant, truth or consequences

aweseome!! very insightful. taught me a lot grace, aus

She was authentic and you could feel her spirit. I definitely enjoyed my reading. Will call her again for follow up. Glowing67, new york

Make the time, invest in hearing what you both need and deep down really want to hear. Life is precious and only limited by our own indecisiveness, lack of belief and confidence that we can achieve so much - so much above and beyond our own dreams and potential. Inspired, uplifted, encouraged and energised. Thank you so much. I'm blessed to have found you xsunflowersun, uk