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August 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for August 2015!

This August, your focus will be on career matters, then friendships, and finally love - what you came here to read about - will take the back seat, unless it has something to do with someone high up in the social ranks or your boss!

The Sun, Venus and Mars will all align in Leo, your tenth house of career matters, visibility and social status. Every year in August, the Sun is in Leo for the first three weeks, putting a spotlight on this sector. You will be thinking and getting busy even more than what would be usual this time of year, when it comes to your career.

Venus, the planet of relationships and harmony, retrogrades back into Leo, your tenth house on the first day of August, staying that way until the first week of September, this will be testing and complicating your relationships on the career front and you may be breaking away from a romantic connection to a superior.

Ambitious, impatient and energetic Mars will align with Venus on the 8th until the last week of September. With Venus and Mars together, indicating a very creative, sexual and passionate energy going on for you, suggesting that there could be passion happening for you at the office.

Saturn, the planet of structure and duty, has moved back to your very own sign, you first house of the self, where it will stay roughly until mid September. This is the sector that deals with you, your personality and the way you present yourself to the world. If you still have some lessons to learn in this area, you will now be reminded of pending issues that need addressing, and you will feel pressured to work on them now.

On the 11th, expansive Jupiter, the planet of luck and spirituality, will be moving to Virgo, your eleventh house of friendships, support and group activities, bringing more growth, luck and blessings to your friendships. Jupiter here will bring you more confidence and opportunities to really expand your friendships. You will certainly be getting more support and generosity from your friends. You will definitely be expanding your social network and doing a lot of networking , being blessed by peoples generosity towards you. You will definitely feel a lot more confident to succeed in your long range goals and spending more time with your friends as well as making new ones.

In this process of career and partying, don't loose track of your family and loved ones. Remember to find the time and make the effort to show them how much you love them and need them.

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