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July 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2015

This is going to be a challenging month for you. It begins with the Full Moon in Capricorn, in your Third House of siblings, communications and short trips, even as you have the Sun, Mercury AND Mars in Cancer, in your Ninth House of spirituality and long distance travel. The presence of Mars in Cancer makes this a most unusual event. Mars enters Cancer once every two years, and its incredible energies added to the Sun’s and Mercury’s, and with the Full Moon is in the opposing House to the Sun. These two magnify each other’s energies enormously, and as a result you have an unprecedented flow of positive energy lighting up your Third and Ninth Houses, even as Venus - the planet of love - is in your Tenth House of social success! Your primary passion will undoubtedly be spiritual growth and intellectual discoveries: you will be delving into a search for knowledge with the same ferverent passion as some might embrace a lover. Passionate Mars adds its drive to the quick-silver mental agility provided by Mercury; and the Sun -favorably aspected by dreamy Neptune- emphasizes the search for romantic spirituality. You might equate this to a quest for the Holy Grail, a search based on passion, rather than logic or scientific rationale. There is a special emphasis on travel, as indicated by both the Third and the Ninth House, and this may be short or long distance - physical or spiritual - but it will bring about a tremendous transformation in your life. You may be spending a lot of time giving emotional support to a sibling, and sensual Venus in Tenth House hints that your romantic life will be quite active in the beginning of the month. You may meet someone through your work, or at a glamorous social function. There is as indication of social prominence linked to this romance, perhaps your new love is famous, and you may end up on the cover of one of those social magazines! Venus will be in your Eleventh House of friendships and group activities next, and you may be joining a club, or an organization dedicated to supporting the dispossessed - which would be in keeping with your spiritual awakening - and making a lot of new friends. On the 23rd of July, Venus goes retrograde in that Eleventh House and those friendships will be put to the test, as will your romantic attachments. Remember that challenges are opportunities for growth. This is a month when you will be stretching those spiritual, emotional, and intellectual muscles, pushing yourself further than ever before. It may hurt a little, it will certainly be hard work, but it will be invigorating, exhilarating, and you will be stronger than ever.

On July the 1st, there´s the Full Moon in Capricorn, in that Third House, even as the Sun aspected by Neptune is in your Ninth House. This may be beginning of a search for knowledge, or a new intellectual passion. The Full Moon is a time of culminations and closure, and it is indicating that a crisis or a conflict with a sibling will be resolved.

From July the 2nd to the 5th chatty, sociable Mercury is in Gemini, your Eighth House of intimacy and sexuality until it moves into Cancer on the 8th, and it is in a favorable aspect to Uranus, Jupiter and Venus (cast in order of appearance!) Uranus is all about the unexpected, Jupiter is lucky and may be once again be indicating TRAVEL, even as sexy Venus puts the focus on romance.

On July the 8th, quick-thinking Mercury joins passionate Mars and the Sun in your Ninth House of spirituality and long distance travel, underlining that hunger for knowledge and education. The presence of dreamy Neptune indicates a particular interest in philosophy, religion and spiritual matters

On July the 15th the New Moon is in Cancer, in that Ninth House, adding its energy to those of the Sun, Mars and Mercury. The New Moon in the Ninth House locks in the focus onto spiritual growth and the search for knowledge.

On the July the 18th, will be sociable Mercury at a hard angle to rebellious Uranus, and you may have some interesting encounters with someone very unusual from outside your comfort zone.

On the 25th, diplomatic Venus is retrograde in your Eleventh House of friendships and group activities, and you may have to meet some challenges with regards to those relationships. Aggressive Mars is at a hard angle to wild-child Uranus, and you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of an ego-driven dispute. Mars will have your temper on a hair-trigger, so keep a hold of yourself.

On July the 31st, and the full circle brings the Full Moon in to Aquarius, in your Fourth House of the home and family matters. This will be a day of great changes and resolutions, and you may even be moving houses
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Thanks Cassie, its like talking to a friend she knows what the person is feeling and thinking and puts me at ease.CS, Fort Worth

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