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November 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2015!

This November, attractive Venus, the planet of love and relationships and energetic, sexual Mars will be aligned in your twelfth house of the inner self, secrets, privacy and intimacy, but for the first ten days, Venus and Mars will be in your eleventh house of friendships, social events, parties, making this a festive time for you. Then after the 12th you will prefer to pull back and spend time alone or with someone close in the privacy of your home. It may be that you met someone while you were out and about socializing and now you want to keep this new relationship a secret.

On the 12th, energetic, impatient and sexual Mars, will be moving into Libra, your twelfth house of the past, secrets, the shadows, the inner self, spirituality, intimacy, endings, staying there until January the 3rd, making this the perfect time for you to work on yourself on a deeper level. Venus will be aligned with Mars, making you more sociable and less ruthless than you would be with Mars alone in this sector. This also suggests a lot of sexual energy, suggesting that you will prefer to be with friends and/or your lover in a more secretive and private setting. Be careful about falling in love with someone who may still have their heart stuck on someone else or maybe its you who still hasn't forgotten someone from your past.

Serious and responsible Saturn, the planet of duty, focus, structure, hard work and responsibility, is now in Sagittarius, your second house of self worth and confidence, making you take a good look at reality, making you more aware of your situation on the love front and you may actually realize that you are not getting what you want. You will be a lot more serious about this and this will allow you to build a solid foundation on the love front.

Towards the end of this month, Saturn will form a square with idealistic and evasive Neptune, you will be more anxious and worried when it comes to getting what you are worth, your confidence will be shaken as a lot of insecurities and anxiousness are triggered. You may feel that you are not good enough to be loved or for your better half. You may worry that you will go unnoticed and therefore you will fear not finding the love you deserve. But you must go for it anyway and face any fears you may be feeling. Even if your confidence is down, remember the time when you knew exactly what you deserved and go for it because facing your fears and worries and doing things even though they make you anxious will make you grow and progress and it will pay off big time!
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Member said about
NaturaHealer Psychic

Thank you so much for helping me reconect with my mate kellen u have given me so much hope :)adriana , the woodlands

I need to heal my soul annia, Hialeah

thank you so much I feel like there is hope now :) and im alot more happy no more depression adriana, the woodlands

Thank you for the reading. I will keep you posted. That was such an amazing reading. Im sorry I ran out of credits. Jenna, usa