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April 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for April 2015

April is the month for love, for you Scorpio! Venus, the planet named after the goddess of love and beauty is in your 7th house of relationships and this is the house of marriage. And Venus is not alone, she is hand in hand with fiery, passionate Mars, so you could be falling in love, or reigniting the passion in an existing relationship. However, it seems the conjunction is very favorable to meeting someone new during the first ten days of April; or having an existing acquaintance or friend suddenly become unaccountably attractive to you. The attraction will be intense and mutual, and the ensuing infatuation will be deep and powerful; charged with incredible sexual energy. This relationship will bring your neglected sensuality to life. You be awakening as sexual being, fiery, and desiring of giving and receiving pleasure. It will be a dizzy time, so be careful you do not fall into the trap of neglecting your other relationships. Do keep in touch with your friends and family through out this first heated rush of rediscovering your senses. Now Venus moves on and leaves Mars all on his own in that 7th house, and Mars is in a militant argumentative mood, which may not bode well for your new love-affair…Do remember to keep your Scorpio temper under control and your expectations reasonable! Beginnings are difficult, always, and sometimes those first disagreements can be a healthy way to disperse misunderstandings, and to clear the air; to open the avenues for deeper communication, and a true commitment that goes beyond the physical. The Sun comes out and shines down on your 7th house for the last ten days of April, so you will be seeing a confirmation of that commitment: you will be way beyond a mere physical attraction and into real passionate love. If it is a deepening of an existing relationship, you may find yourself discussing marriage; if you are already married, go down to that chapel, look deep into each other’s eyes and repeat those vows.

On April the 4th there is a full moon lunar eclipse on Libra, your twelfth house of the past, the subconscious and private life, that is so disruptive, so potentially destructive you should avoid any decisions or interactions. Stay home, alone, and whatever you do, don’t answer that phone! You may want to cry some hearache out on your own.

On April the 6th the Sun aligns with Uranus and that combination can bring you some quite unexpected exciting news, or perhaps an encounter with some one new… Be ready!

On April the 8th, lucky Jupiter is hanging around your chart with talkative Mercury in tow, now with Mars and Venus hanging out in your 7th house, things are really heating up, so make this a date night!

On April the 14th, Venus moves to the 8th house in opposition to Saturn, and as we had warned you, Mars is left all alone in that 7th house stirring up trouble, so today will be a frustrating, cold, annoying day. You will be disappointed, and maybe a little angry, bur keep your cool. See how it plays out; it just may be a good idea to sit down after dinner and have a little heart to heart.

On April 22nd, quarrelsome Mars is still moving through your 7th house of relationships but now Mercury the communicator is aligning with Pluto, and those two can bring about reconciliation. Maybe that quarrel with your beloved can now be healed, and with Pluto’s influence, your feelings will deepen, become more intense. You may find yourself in a true committed relationship, not just a flash-in-the-pan love affair.

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Very interesting !van Young, Los Angeles

thank you, this was a very interesting reading!K, nc

the nicest guy and what a kewl processkk, usa

My 1st time in his private, a very diff. reading, and he tries to help, without pushing you to use all your credits. I will wait and see what else he has to tell me.TYKool, ***