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October 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2015!

This October Venus and Mars will be working their magic in your eleventh house of friendship, suggesting that a friendship of yours may now become something more, laying out what is considered to be the best foundation for long-term love relationships. It is also possible that you will be set up by friends to go on a date or you may set up your friends to go on dates. This will be a very sociable time for you, for increasing your social circle and possibly even falling in love at a social event.

The month will be all about friendships, group activities, social events, support and long range goals. This is because Venus - the planet of harmony, pleasure, love and relationships- , Jupiter - the expansive one, the luck bearer - and impatient, ambitious and sexual Mars, are all going to align in Virgo, your eleventh house, suggesting that you will be spending more time in social gatherings and with your friends. When Venus and Mars align in this sector, a lot more passion, creativity and enthusiasm in these areas of your life will be stimulated. And Jupiter will be bringing in more opportunities, more luck and more protection, making everything possible. A lot of progress can and will be made.

But lets not forget that the Sun will be in Libra, your twelfth house of the subconscious, the past, spirituality, secrets and working behind the scenes for the most part of the month - for the first three weeks - , suggesting that you will also be spending more time on your own, in a secret love affair, digging deeper to find meaning, looking back at your past personal year and preparing for the new personal year that will start next month, as well as dealing with your own inner turmoils. The 6th will be a particularly active day for you in these areas because the Sun in Libra will be at a hard angle to powerful, controlling and obsessive Pluto, while Mars, in Virgo, will opposing idealistic Neptune and Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, in Libra, will be in great aspect to disciplined Saturn. The Sun/Pluto aspect suggests that there could be some inner struggles going on for you. The Mars/Neptune aspect will make you feel more insecure when it comes to getting support from your friends and this may lead you to a standstill. But then, the Mercury/Saturn aspect is a good one that will keep you focused and thoughts structured.

On the 23rd, Venus in Virgo, will be in a great aspect to Pluto, a trine, making you more compromising and adaptable, empowering your position when it comes to dealing with your friends.
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Wonderful reader, I only had a few credits but he gave me a lot of advise. pinkpather30, USA