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February 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2015!

This month, falling in love is certainly a possibility so keep an eye out for any potential interests. If you are in a relationship you will also enjoy some positive energy bringing back the spark to your life together. Any family issues will most likely be solved by the end of the second week. By the end of the month you will be focusing a lot more on yourself and your appearance. Good for you!

In the first week of the month, Venus and Mars will be in your fifth house of romance and entertainment. It seems like a potential romantic interest is going to come to you so keep on lookout for that. If you happen to be single this is a time when you will be much more prone to fall in love with someone you have just met. However, if you are in a committed relationship then you can expect to have a lot of passion and excitement being brought to your life together. Enjoy watching the spark come back. It is also a great time to start planning or actually going on vacation and being sociable while you are on it. Have some fun! On February 1st, Venus the planet of love and affection will be aligning with Neptune in your fifth house of entertainment and romance. Neptune is dreamy and idealistic so this will certainly end up being a day full of romantic inspiration. Take this opportunity to work on your dating life or improving a relationship you may be in right now. On the next day, the Sun will be aligning with Uranus the planet of the unexpected in your fourth house of home and family. If you feel like some things didn’t really make sense about a family member, you will unexpectedly start to see things more clearly thanks to a new insight on these issues. Good for you!

On February 11th, Mercury will start to move forward in your fourth house of home and family. It has been retrograding for a while so any misunderstandings and disagreements you might have had with any of your family members you will most likely be able to overcome. You will be communicating a lot clearer with your loved ones and being much more confident in the decisions you make and this is great as you will be able to start spending some more quality time with the people you love. If there are any actions to be taken about real estate this will also be a great time for it as you will be much more decisive and clear about what you want. However, just wait a few more days before you make any move so you can avoid making serious mistakes.

On February 21st, Venus and Mars will be aligning in your sixth house of health. This is a time when you will be feeling determined to make yourself more appealing to yourself and others by working hard on your appearance. At the same time you will become much more passionate about the nice things and people in your life. Enjoy some fresh air at some point!

On February 25th, the Sun will be aligning with Neptune in your fifth house of romance and entertainment. Neptune is idealistic and dreamy and the Sun will certainly put an emphasis on these characteristics. You can expect to be much more cheerful and escaping to a fantasy world at times. However, at the same time Mars will be aspecting Saturn so you won’t get the opportunity to lose focus as often as you would like to. Saturn is control and structure so you will certainly be more grounded as soon as its energy hits you.
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Excellent!!!! I am very sensitive to energies and had some not so good feeling energies in me and Balajee cleared these and I feel so much better now. I am very grateful. Hope, Germany

What an angel seriously.. I cannot even put in words how much better I feel after speaking with Balajee.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely be back!!! Slad., Chicago


really goodkiera 123, michigan