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May 2015

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for May 2015

The first twenty days of May will be all about doing things together. Since last month, the Sun has been shining on Taurus, your seventh house of partnerships and contracts, suggesting that now you will find yourself quite busy taking care of your better halfs needs, possibly even taking care of a marriage license, especially with sexual and impatient Mars is also pushing you forward in this sector. Right at the very beginning of this month, Mercury moves into Gemini, your eighth house, suggesting that your thoughts will shift more towards sex, being intimate and shared money - also a matter of financial partnership. You will be thinking a lot more about possibly contracting a mortgage to buy a house with your better half. You will prefer to spend time heating things up in the bedroom rather than out and about painting the town.

On May 3rd, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio, your first house of the self. You will be feeling very confident at this time and will most likely be seeing a lot of personal issues coming to a head. There will be a lot of things to let go of but don’t worry as it will most likely be easier than you think.

On May 6th, the Sun will be trining powerful Pluto in your seventh house of relationships and you will be working a lot towards making improvements in all of the ones you may have right now. This is probably a time when you will feel more confident about them.

On May 21st, Venus the planet of love and romance will be in opposition to powerful Pluto. There will be a lot of intensity in your life especially when it comes to ninth house matters. The ninth house deals with long distance travel so if you have been planning on going on any vacation you could find yourself falling madly in love with someone or even rekindling a relationship with a current partner. Enjoy!

On May 25th, loving and affectionate Venus will be squaring up with unexpected Uranus. You are more sociable with this energy and eager to make friends. However, at the same time, sexual Mars will be squaring up with idealistic Neptune so any relationships started now will probably end up being a disappointment and nothing you thought they were.
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