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October 2014

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2014!

Dear Scorpio, this October will not be the best month for you this year when it comes to your love life. This will be an area of your life where you shouldn’t expect much happiness of fulfillment. Venus, the planet of love and the ruler of your partnerships sector, will be in your twelfth house of loneliness, and bringing on confusion and even apathy. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign, conjunct Venus also in Scorpio. The end of the month, will be more passionate, and full of surprises.

The Sun and Venus will be in Libra for the first 23 days of October, suggesting a lot of creative energy in your 12th house of privacy, making you more low key and less sociable but when these move moves into your sign on the 23rd, the same day of the new Moon Solar Eclipse also in your sign, you will become a lot more social and outgoing.

On the 7th the Sun in your sector of secrets and hidden things will be in opposition to Uranus suggesting a sudden surprise or suddenly a secret is revealed to you. It can also suggest that you will have some insight that will help you see things for what they are.

On the 11th Venus in opposition to Uranus, suggests that you could suddenly and unexpectedly feel infatuated by someone but it can also mean that you will hear about some secret relationship going on. Maybe you start one yourself.

On the 19th Venus will be in excellent aspect to Mars, the planet of sex, suggesting that you will prefer to be low key about your passion, preferring to keep a relationship in secret of just be more discreet about everything.

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Member said about

very intuitivegregg, NY

Another amazing reading, Ces never ceases to amaze me totally. She blew my mind with this one, so on target its scary. me, overseas

OMG what a wonderful reading, Ces is all over it. Very intuitive lady and great advise. ME, OVERSEAS

Thanks for the reading. It was so helpful. Foreveryoung, MA