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November 2014

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2014!

Dear Scorpio, during the first two weeks of November, you be more attractive, more sociable, charismatic and charming, suggesting that you will be able to attract a new relationship and will be more charismatic and more charming, as the Sun will be shining on your sign, where it will stay for the first 22 days, putting a spotlight on the way you express and present yourself, as well as new beginnings, with the help of Venus, emphasizing your power of attraction and Saturn are also there, reinforcing your attention onto these matters. Saturn will still be forcing you to learn some lessons by instilling the sense of responsibility and duty in you regarding your self expression. This is a true blessing if you can identify and embrace these lessons. At the end of this Saturn cycle, you will get the rewards for your efforts if you learn your lessons well. And this will go on for you until December 28th. You will want to work more on your appearance and you will want to take better care of your body by eating better and exercising more.

On the 22nd, the Sun will move into your second house of self worth, where the New Moon will take place, shifting your attention to improving your self esteem and your confidence.

On November 1st, with Venus, the planet of love, in your sign, in a very positive aspect to Jupiter in your career sector, suggesting that you may fall in love with someone at work.

On the 6th, the Full Moon in Taurus, your seventh house of partnerships, suggests either a successful achievement or milestone to and a time of letting go, in order to move forward in a positive way. You will naturally get rid of whatever no longer serves you well. This could suggest a time for a celebration like a marriage and could also mean letting go of a toxic love relationship.

On the 9th Venus in your sign square Jupiter will make you feel good and attractive, expanding the quest for pleasure but watch out for overindulgence.

On the 12th Venus aligned with Saturn, suggests a time to make a commitment to the next level in a relationship or realizing that it has outlived its purpose, because Mars in a difficult angle to Uranus, suggests an unexpected blow up with a sibling or a neighbour. Or your relationship could simply loose it’s passion all of a sudden.

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Member said about
Onyx Phoenix

I love getting my readings from Onyx!! He is very accurate and unlike others, he is very descriptive and all his words have come to pass as he said. Thanks Onyx!!!Henry's Wife, By the sea

Onyx was great on point and now I will see what happens.m v, usa

OnyxPhoenix great reading right on with situation good advice. I give him a 5 star rating and recommend him .Patricia Kendall, San Ysidro

OnyxPhoenix is a person you can turn to whenn you need Good advice. feeefumz, tulliptown