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December 2014

Welcome Scorpio! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for December 2014!

This month starts with the Sun in Sagittarius, your second house of self-worth, where harmonious Venus will also be for the first ten days, suggesting that you will be focusing more on building your self confidence until the 23rd, when Saturn will enter this house, that the Sun has left just a day before, bringing you some delays and challenges. Saturn will be staying here most of the time for the next two years, giving you a few months break here and there. But you will basically tend to worry more about what you are worth and what you deserve, as you become more grounded and realistic on the love front. Depending on how your confidence levels were, they may either drop or rise to balance out. This will also push you to ask for what you deserve.

On the 4th, aggressive Mars will enter Aquarius, your forth house of home and family, suggesting that you will work harder on family matters, as you will feel pressured and motivated to. On the 6th the Full Moon in Gemini, your eighth house of intimacy, suggests that you will tend to have an emotional reaction to something about your sex life and this will either push you forward or end something that needs to end. Starting a new sexual relationship under this influence can be rather stressful.

On the 20th harmonious Venus will align with powerful Pluto in your third house of communication, and siblings. Pluto will be motivating you to go after what you want and creative Venus will help you attract it. This is a great time for you to spend time with your brother or sister. On the 21st the New Moon and the Sun in Capricorn, will be putting the spotlight on those very areas of your life drawing your attention towards them. You will be busy dealing with your siblings.

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