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Wednesday, Oct 07.

Dear Scorpio, you may desire more excitement and challenge in your friendships. You may feel that your friends have stopped growing at some stage, or fell into the comfortable habits of stodgy domesticity too easily… You want to move in more daring and dynamic circles, and have a taste of the unconventional life-styles out there. Careful you don’t bite off more than you can chew! If you are in a relationship, that very same type of restlessness is unsettling you. You suddenly desire greater freedom, you want to be able to pursue some avenues of interest that are opening up before you…Well, before you do, it would be advisable to sit down with your beloved and do the decent thing, tell them you are through. Do remember that once you’ve jumped the fence to greener grass, you can’t jump back.

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Visionary TAYLOR

Great reading, very informativepinkpather30, USA

thanks taylor your awesome xxxxxcaz, australia

Love his readings. He is totally on point. L, CA

very fast very helpfuls, ny