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Monday, Nov 24.

Hello there, Scorpio. Before you know it, you’ll probably be thinking of something that you should keep to yourself and all these words will just spatter straight out of your mouth. Once that has happened you won’t be able to take it back and it is likely that there will be consequences. You may just be inevitably and spontaneously sincere, but if you’re not careful you might really end up hurting someone’s feelings or allowing him or her to take offense. If you aim your bluntness in the in the wrong direction you can easily be misinterpreted or actually seem insensitive. Avoid making the situation any worse by trying to measure your reasoning and you might want to apologize if you feel it’s necessary.

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Member said about
LEOMOON patricia

She is a very good reader and she was accurate. I felt I could be very open and honest with her.Teatree, London

Thank you so much for the reading and the confirmation. 5 stars. very intuitivemegabee9, Melbourne

It was a nice reading, although we didn't have much time. Maybe I'll be back laterHarsfalvi Jonatan, Nyíregyháza

great!!beautywithinone, na