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Friday, Jul 03.

Dear Scorpio, you will be in a very warm and relaxed mood today, reaching out to others, offering support and understanding instinctively to those in need. Your kindness and strength will draw people to you; even strangers will seek you out for surprisingly intimate revelations. This is that kind of day! If you are in a relationship, something someone says to you may have you wondering about your beloved’s recent past. There may be a thing or two that you didn’t know about - perhaps a romantic involvement with one of your friends - and it leaves you a little upset. Before you rush in with twenty questions ask YOURSELF this very pertinent question: IS THIS ANY OF MY BUSINESS? The answer is probably “NO!”, The past is the past Scorpio; that was then, this is now so let it go.

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Member said about
Jennifer Jacobs

Thank you again for the clarity.... :) I hope it all comes together And we get a chance .... everything is crossed xLalima, UK

Always a pleasure See, Fl

good reading...worth itcherie, usa

super accurate and kind reader, so easy to talk to, wish i had lots of credits to talk for longer :)emy, run