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Saturday, Nov 01.

Hello there, Capricorn. You may come to an insightful conclusion today that can allow you to move forward in your family life. It is important that you feel empowered and in tune with your own feelings and desires. You may need to find a way to broaden your abilities within the home and be more in tune with your family members, especially if you are the head of the family and are seen as someone that has authority within the household. If you happen to be a parent, you may want to create certain boundaries in order to maintain a respectful and harmonious relationship with your child or children and simply be able to be the one to call the shots. You should really be getting in tune with what you really want out of life and work towards that process.
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Member said about
Liz Kaelcha Marotti

positive, straight forward reader sdsd, ds

Kaelcha was amazing, she is a beautiful soul and a reader that I trust the most on here, I have seen things that she has told me come to pass, everyone must definitely get a reading with kaelcha, shes the best on here.. 100 stars :) xoxoxKaelchasWwife, England

she was accurate ! came to a solid conclusion when i lacked faith she kinda gave it to me which im thank ful for .luckylibra, somewhere

2nd reading with Kaelcha, she is wonderfully talented. Thank you! ,