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Sunday, Aug 30.

You will be happily sharing the company of relatives and friends at a big get together at home! Sunday lunch or brunch at your house will be boisterous and loud as the whole crazy-bunch goes wild! They really are very noisy and argumentative and eccentric, but you love them just the same! Invite the neighbors too, so they don’t call the police! If you are in a relationship, circumstances may suddenly reveal to you that you are not being treated as you should. Your beloved may be taking you for granted, Scorpio, and this is making you feel very angry indeed. Sit down and express than anger in a controlled manner or you may strike out in your usual Scorpio manner and do a lot of damage to your relationship.

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Member said about

spot on his great thank you well worth every pennymandy, uk

its sad but the truth is truth and he was amazingly correct. so true about everything. please try him. samar, ny

Yes straight forwardBrianaAF2, Dubai

Thank you for tapping into my life and giving me a better direction. You were on point!BrianaAF2, Dubai