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Sunday, Mar 01.

Dear Scorpio, today Mercury, the planet of thought and communication will be in excellent aspect to expansive Jupiter, and rebellious Uranus, so your mind will be full of exciting new ideas, feeling confident and because Mercury Is in your forth house of home and family, this would be very favorable for making any kind of arrangements with family, whether it´s a family reunion, wedding, vacation. You will be the one taking the lead with Mercury you´re making all these decisions, you will be very stimulated and excited.
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Member said about
inspirebymee inspirebymee

A very detail oriented reading, she took the initiation to provide useful information. no sugar coating. tells it like it is. kp, usa


I had something i need to tell her and she was quick to tell me what it meant...why things were happeningneedachance, somewhere

Thank you, always helpful :))Jerry, California