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Wednesday, Nov 26.

Hello there, Scorpio. You might be living in a fantasyland today and rather be there than facing the reality of your own life’s occurrences. Why not embark on a creative path if it brings you excitement or novelty. Perhaps what you learn while expanding your mind frame can actually reveal a plan or an idea that you would like to project for the future. Perhaps you can convince some friends to do something different over the weekend like set out on an adventure or visit an unknown territory. It is likely that you will be motivated to want to do something new and different, so if you can think of the right company to suggest your proposal, you can start looking forward to making plans for it to happen soon enough.
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Member said about
Mystic Maddia

A wonderful sweet person she is and so accurate with her readings! She is such a great friend to have she understands ur situation and gives good advise! I didn't have much credits and I jus wanted to ask her 1 question and she is very quick to answer! Thanks again maddia many blessings to u!! :) xxxprettyeyez64, ca

Thanks for that reading Maddia. Such wonderful cards. Thanks so much for your love and compassion. You are so great and you provide great detail regarding the situation that I'm dealing with. I hope things will work out soon. xxx Mark, Kitchener, Ontario

finished up our reading again. another amazing session! this is exactly why i always come back to maddia. very accurate and any questions or doubts are always cleared/answered. thank you as always!val,

came back for another update :) she helps me in so many ways, really gives me the guidance that i need. thank you so much!val,