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Friday, Sep 19.

Dear Scorpio, today you must change up the roles between you and your better half. You are always the one giving the foot rub and the massages as well as the cooking and the dishes. It's time to let your partner do something for you, as weird as it may feel to you. Give it a try. If you happen to be single, try to screen people a little more and don't jump as soon as your heart goes off to the maximum. Think about how quickly that fire can burn out. That may end up hurting you because you are not emotionally fit for something like that right now. Instead try to find someone who will make you simply happy. Someone who is interested in your happiness.
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Member said about
Christina AngelOracle

She knows what she is talking about and I will get back to her again. If you feel a connection don't hesitate taking her pvt :)) Thank you very much.. Love & light, namaste Spiritonloose, Sweden


you are greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttjanet, atl

Super sweet energy, very helpful!Sarah, brussels