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Thursday, Apr 24.

Dear Sagittarius you may be going through some tricky times in the love department now, courtesy of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is affecting the world at this time and you particularly when it comes to choosing between career and love. Communication could be rather tense now and you may not be able to reason with your partner, who, by the way, could be quite unreasonable and stubborn towards you now, unwilling to accept anything you say. If you have been unhappy with this relationship for a while you may decide to call it quits now. This will probably be for the best because it will mean that you don't need to be with this person who has been intoxicating the rest of your life anyway.
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Member said about
SpiritualSag Psychic

Positive update.Lyn , Scotland

Lengthy reading, he took his time and went into major detail to help me understand what it was that was happening. He was very kind but honest and gave great advice to help overcome some obstacles I have. All in all he put things back into the perspective they were in, realigned things for me and my world and with that I am stronger because I understand more. Gifted reader, many talents. Cannot recommend SpiritualSag enough! Try him out! LC, US

Thank you! Great reading from an amazing reader! Great insight and advice. Grce, .

Thank you!angiefra22, Chicago